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Reasons you really don't want to MISS Lakepoint Station!




First Family Fun venue in the country’s largest planned Sports and Entertainment complex


Dual-themed Railroad and Mining representative of the local history, with educational details throughout

Three mini-golf courses take you through train boxcars, under waterfalls, and inside a blacklight mining adventure


All our attractions designed for maximum FUN for ages 4 to 94


FAMILY fun at

Lakepoint Station

Lakepoint Mining Company Gem Dig

Atlanta's PREMIERE Sports Entertainment Park

Clip ‘n Climb is the new climbing adventure from New Zealand  has become a world sensationClimbing wall meets theme park!

A stunning action-packed activity with individually-themed climbing challenges that provides healthy fun for everyone!

  • 17 climbing challenges include the terrifying Stairway to Heaven
  • Try racing up the Speed Climb or go one-on-one in the Face-to-Face
  • If you think the Twister is easy, try the other side and climb it using an undergrip

Clip 'n Climb

Miner Jim’s Odyssey takes you deep into the mountain and through the tunnels in search of the gang and Black Bill's hidden treasure.

Are you chasing a dream of long lost golden treasure or are you the one being chased?

Your adventure includes 9 holes of Black-Light Mini-Golf deep in Miner’s Mountain.

Get yourself a Black-Light putter and a U/V-coated golf ball and weave your way through the tunnels to find Black Bill and his gang.

Miner Jim’s Black Light Odyssey

We ask one question, are you afraid of the dark?

Our gem mix contains 20 types of precious and semi-precious stones. All bags receive a wide variety of this gem mix. We use mining rough of the highest quality to ensure easy identification for miners.

Miner’s Mountain has produced Gems of all sorts - You know about the Ochre, Barite, Iron, Manganese, and other minerals mined in this county, but did you know that we’ve imported gems from FIVE continents, to include REAL Emeralds from Columbia?

Pick your choice of six packages with guaranteed gems and/or fossils and/or great baseball cards.

Lakepoint Mining Company Gem Dig

Two separate courses:

Lakepoint Railroad - play through a Train Box Car; don’t get splashed by the waterfall inspired by Amicalola Falls in the northern Georgia mountains

Lakepoint Mining - play two holes through the mountain; one of them UNDER a waterfall!  Play around a real 100-year-old mining cart!

Two 18-hole Mini-Golf courses!  One is Railroad-themed; one is Mining Themed.  Both courses have factoids at each hole.  That’s 36 facts about the Emerson and Bartow County history!

Find the Barite boulder… Find our where Gold was first mined in the United States… Did you know about the Great Locomotive Chase?  Find out about the chase that had a big-budget Disney movie made about it - the chase went right through Emerson!

Lakepoint Station Mini-Golf

and much, much more..

Why don't you come VISIT US and see for YOURSELF? Bring the WHOLE Family!



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